When your cell phone just isn't cute enough

If you're into the sickly sweet, try one of these plush animal cell phone covers.

A cow for your candy bar phone Funfriends.com

Now, here is an unnecessary, landfill-filling product. Perhaps you're a person who thinks a standard cell phone case is just too dull. Or perhaps you're a pink-loving person who collects Precious Moments memorabilia and squeals with delight every time you see a picture of a baby or a cutesy animal. If either of these descriptions apply, then a company called Fun Friends has something just for you.

Here boy! FunFriends.com

Now you can protect your cell phone and give it some "attitude" (as the company says) with a animal cell phone cover. Available for candy bar and flip handsets, these plush covers will secure your phone from scratches and nicks while turning the stomach of everyone around you. Sure, you may look ridiculous while using one, but they're just sooo sweet! Each "fun friend" is $9.99; you can choose from 66 flip phone covers and 24 candy bar phone covers. If you do buy one our only advice would be to ditch that cell phone dangle. It's important to remember that you can have too many accessories.

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