When trends collide: LED drumsticks

They're not suitable for "heavy hitting," though.


Regular readers of this space may know that we've developed a mild fascination with drums, especially those of the digital variety. We've also come to realize that we have something of an obsession with LEDs. (Clearly, some of us at Crave don't lead very interesting lives.)

But in our unfailing devotion to report all trends, especially when they converge, we feel obligated to pass this item along: Behold the LED drumsticks. While musicians interviewed by Popgadget appreciated the blue glow of their tips, they unfortunately expressed doubt over the sticks' ability to perform in "heavy hitting"--a shortcoming that would probably disqualify them for 99 percent of all known rock bands.

Still, imagine how perfect they'd look flailing around the new Gibsons and Fenders created for the latest guitar games. Not to mention all the friends you'll impress at the next rave.

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