When being a pirate just won't cut it, try a water balloon cannon

Sure, it'll only shoot your water balloons 15-20 feet, but it'll help you aim.


Pool toys this summer are getting strikingly high-tech . Or maybe they've been high-tech, but I hadn't noticed because last summer there was no such thing as Crave yet (shocking!) Either way, they're a whole lot more sophisticated than the Super Soakers we had back when I was a kid.

We've already seen that many of the season's hottest (coolest?) water toys are pirate-themed . I like being a pirate. But I realize you might not. If you're more enamored by the idea of trench warfare than high-seas combat, this water balloon cannon, called the Water Mortar, might be more your thing. It costs $36 and comes with 100 mini water balloons. POW!

Unfortunately, it'll only shoot those water balloons a distance of 15-20 feet. But I can tell you from experience that the best way to throw water balloons is off a roof (long story...) so maybe this cannon could help you get better aim and downward force. Physics, y'know?

(Via Uber-Review)

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