What's the No. 1 gadget in the land?

As we head into the Final Four of the 2009 NCAA basketball tournament, we encourage you to play CNET's Tech Madness game: "What's the No. 1 gadget in the land?" The winner will be featured in a Crave blog post!

In case you didn't know it, CNET's been running a special package the last couple of week's called "Tech Madness" that not only highlights CNET's March Madness toolkit but a little game called "What's the No. 1 gadget in the land?"

While we don't have 64 gadgets in our tournament, we do have 32. Once you register/log in as a "player" (Voxpop.tv is running the game), you make your picks just like you would with any typical bracket, selecting an overall champion at the end.

After the real NCCA basketball tournament ends, Voxpop.tv will let you know which gadget won and how you scored with your picks. What's the winner get?

Alas, we don't have any material goods to give away, but we will feature you in blog post right here on Crave. I know that sounds kind of lame on the surface, but think of the glory of being featured in a blog, Crave no less. You'll make your family proud, and it's something you can show your grandchildren one day (or you can show them now, if you have some already).

Anyway, see link to the game below. If you don't want to play and just want to make comments about what you think the No. 1 gadget is, that's OK, too. Feel free to add your two cents right on this blog post.

Play the game: What's the No. 1 gadget in the land?

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