What's the greatest gadget of 21st century so far?

Our Brit cousins at CNET UK have just launched an epic tournament to find the greatest gadget of the last 10 years. Get in on the voting.

Our British cousins at CNET UK have just launched an epic tournament to find the greatest gadget of the last 10 years. The honor of choosing the winner is down to the readers. The site is asking you to whittle a list of 32 gadgets down to just one incredible, era-defining piece of tech.

Here's how it works. Each of the 32 gadgets has been paired off with another. Starting next week, CNET UK will be asking you to vote for one of the two you feel is best.

After a week's worth of voting, the gadgets in each pair with the fewest votes will be knocked out of the running, leaving 16 gadgets. These will be paired with a new set of products and the voting will begin again. After another week, eight gadgets will be left, which will become four a week later, then two, with the winner announced the week after that.

But before all the voting mayhem starts, we're asking you to make your own bracket. It'll be worth it--the person who predicts the outcome most accurately will win an Xbox 360 with Kinect, not due in stores until mid-November (however, you must be a U.K. resident to score the prize).

To take part, head over to the Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century site and start making your predictions by clicking "pick the winner." If you have any questions, there's a handy FAQ here.

All week, CNET UK will be giving its opinions on which gadgets the editors think should win and why, starting with Flora Graham rooting for the iPhone. Feel free to agree or disagree, but if you want to influence the outcome, remember to come back next week and every week to vote.

It's going to be an epic six weeks and there's a video at the bottom of the story to watch too.


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