What would Steve drive?

Ford CEO Alan Mulally delivers a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, in celebration of the one millionth car equipped with Sync.

Steve Ballmer and Ford Fusion Hybrid
Ballmer looks ready to break out into his developers chant as he gets the keys to a Fusion Hybrid. Microsoft

You've got 11 billion dollars to burn, so what kind of car do you get? If you're Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, make that a Ford. Of course, wealth has its privileges, and the wheel jockey who delivers the car is none other than Ford CEO Alan Mulally.

To celebrate the one millionth car equipped with Ford Sync, which is built on Microsoft technology, Mulally handed the keys to a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid to Ballmer today. And given our experience driving a Fusion Hybrid and using Ford's latest infotainment technology, we are a bit envious.

Ford Sync connects with MP3 players and Bluetooth cell phones, and provides a range of services such as automatic 911 calling in case of an accident. We assume Ford didn't skimp out, and supplied a vehicle with the full navigation system, which uses Sirius Travel Link to show traffic and fuel prices.

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