What the public can see at IFA electronics show

The Berlin show is for regular folks, not just industry insiders. About 230,000 attend to see the electronics products, some of them freshly announced.

The companies that show their wares at the IFA electronics show in Berlin put a lot of attention into making their wares look nice.

That's because IFA, unlike most trade shows in the United States, is geared for the public, not just for industry insiders. People pay good money to be entertained at the show, and electronics companies of course hope they'll impress attendees enough to get them to buy some new products afterward.

Buying products can be a matter of looking at specifications and clicking a "buy" button on a Web site. But for 3D TVs, the latest smartphones, and a new generation of tablets, customers are much more likely to benefit from experiencing the product in person.

Check out our IFA photo gallery for a look at how companies strut their stuff at the show.

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