What, Microsoft biased? Say it isn't so

Always eager to help the consumer though the perils of comparative shopping, Microsoft has compiled a helpful list of what to look for in a flash-based MP3 player. What's that you say? The list of things to avoid reads like the specs for Apple's new iPod Shuffle? Surely that's just a coincidence.

Microsoft helpfully advises consumers to make sure they're getting a display on their new MP3 player, in order to avoid confusion when an unfamiliar song comes up. It should have lots of extra features like voice recording, and should certainly have an FM radio included, to "let a professional make your next playlist." It should support MP3 and WMA music formats. And above all, it shouldn't lock you into buying songs online from just a single music store.

I just can't understand why they didn't remind people that white is such an easily scuffed color. Thanks, Microsoft!

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