What I want from the new iPhone

3G is great, but I'm looking for a lot more features in the new iPhone.

Coming soon, the new me. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Another day, another 3G iPhone rumor . This time, the latest dish suggests that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will unveil the second generation of Apple's uberhyped iPhone on June 9, which is the first day of Apple's World Developer's Conference. And hold on to your hats fanboys and slamboys, as the gossip also predicts that the 3G iPhone will go on sale that very same day.

Unfortunately, we know very little about Apple's new products until the words tumble out of Jobs' mouth. Of course, we are certain that the new iPhone will added 3G and Microsoft Active Sync, both of which are sorely needed features, but beyond that all is uncertain. Yet, I can dream of a few features I'd like to see in iPhone 2. They may not be glamorous, but these capabilities could do a lot to make the handset better. Check out my latest On Call column for the full scoop on what I want from the new (and 3G) iPhone.

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