Welcome to the club: FriendFeed launches its API

Popular social-aggregator has released its own application programming interface, paving the way for developers to create third-party applications.

I think we all saw this one coming. The hottest social aggregator out there today, FriendFeed, has launched an application programming interface, paving the way for third-party applications using its service. Full documentation for the API is available on Google Code.

This is certainly an important step for FriendFeed. The closely related service, Twitter, has benefited greatly from providing support for third-party developers, so FriendFeed should see a similar bump from the introduction of its API.

FriendFeed's API will bring this data to a larger audience. FriendFeed

FriendFeed's API currently offers PHP and Python libraries, with support for OAuth apparently on the way. In making the API, FriendFeed also took feedback from some developer influentials, such as Dave Winer.

To give some examples of what its API can do, the FriendFeeders told us, "You can develop a FriendFeed interface for a mobile phone, build a FriendFeed widget for your blog, or develop an application that makes it easy to post photos to your feed from your iPhone."

It's going to be very interesting to see what developers can do with this API, given the wealth of quality data that FriendFeed brings together.

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