Welcome to a Windows 8 world

Windows 8 goes on sale, the first iPad Mini shipments are delayed, and it's time to prep your tech for Hurricane Sandy.

Friday's CNET Update is charging the backup batteries:


Today's tech news roundup has a storm of new tech, and the tech you need in a storm.

The initial preorder supply of white Wi-Fi iPad Minis were claimed in less than a half hour of it going on sale Friday morning. As of Friday afternoon, the black Wi-Fi models were still promising a delivery date of Nov. 2. White models ordered now won't be shipped for two weeks. Some of the first people to buy a 4G iPad Mini are seeing a delivery date of Nov. 23.

Windows 8 has arrived, and Microsoft stores are seeing long lines of customers interested in the Surface tablet. Will you be upgrading or buying a new computer? Did you already make the leap? Send a video using the Tout app, or send an e-mail to share your thoughts about the new system and your upgrade experiences. Your comments may be featured on the show.

With Windows 8 also comes SmartGlass, an app that ties an Xbox with a PC or tablet running Windows RT or Windows 8.

Photos of the Nexus 10 tablet -- as well as photos taken with the tablet -- have been posted online. Google is expected to unveil this tablet at a Monday event, along with an Android update and a Nexus smartphone.

Join CNET's live coverage of Google's Android event: Monday, 7 a.m. PT

And if you're in the path of the "Frankenstorm" Hurricane Sandy, now's the time to prep your tech. Don't get caught unprepared if there's a power outage in your neighborhood. You can find phone cases with a built-in backup battery or a solar panel for re-charging. You can also buy an external backup battery that can be used for multiple gadgets. One such portable battery is made by Monoprice. A car charger is also handy if the power is out for several days.

If you're having trouble getting a call to connect in an emergency, send a text message instead. Text messages will have better luck getting through a busy network. In the end, you can't count on your cellphone to be reliable. A transistor radio and pack of batteries can be your best friend during an extended outage. It's also smart to backup important documents to a cloud storage service, since a computer could be damaged by water from a leak or flood.

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