Weird 'Bluets and Granola Bars' Easter egg(?) and Mac OS 7.6

Weird 'Bluets and Granola Bars' Easter egg(?) and Mac OS 7.6

Paul D. Hitchcox reports on a strange Easter Egg of sorts that appears to be linked to having Apple's 24AC video card installed and running Mac OS 7.6. He claims that if a startup screen file is placed in the System Folder, and the PRAM zapped, the screen becomes monochrome and the system crashes, but only after a window with the words "Bluets and Granola Bars" first appears! It did not happen in System 7.5.5.

Update: Several readers have now confirmed this weirdness, including some that have fairly plain vanilla systems (without the 24AC video card).

Speaking of weird symptoms, a few readers (notably Robert Stephens) report getting a strange message that says something like "Refer to site administrator or *Roxanne Graphic* help" when trying to access certain web sites or download certain files from the Web. Robert believes it is somehow related to using AOL software, but cannot be certain.



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