Weigh your options with a food processor

The DeLonghi DFP950 12-Cup Food Processor incorporates some uncommon features. The appliance not only does duty as a blender, but also as a kitchen scale.

A scale, a food processor and a blender all in one.
A scale, a food processor, and a blender all in one. DeLonghi

It is not uncommon for kitchen appliances that do one thing well to do another, similar thing just as well. Often that secondary functionality becomes your primary use for the product (think grinding spices in a coffee grinder).

You may not think it makes any sense to use a blender as a scale, but that's exactly what DeLonghi has done--incorporate a scale into a food processor. The DFP950 12-Cup Food Processor combines two similar kitchen gadgets with a third--not altogether unlikely--kitchen essential. Featuring a tare function, you can add exactly the amount of ingredients you need directly in your the work bowl. When not needed to cut and slice ingredients, an included weighing tray allows the device to mimic a traditional scale.

Just because the appliance also poses as a scale doesn't mean it shirks its duty as a food processor. In addition to the weighing tray, the following accessories are included: a serrated stainless steel chopping blade, a twin geared metal whisk, a dough tool, a stainless steel thick slice/shred disc, and a stainless steel fine slice/shred disc. All in all, the DeLonghi DFP950 12-Cup Food Processor is definitely cut out for many tasks.

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