Weekend Webware: Waste time with Line Rider

Line Rider is doodling, but on the Web: Draw a path for a your little on-screen tobogganer, and watch him ride your line. Fun!

If you haven’t tried the Flash game Line Rider, you should. Created by Bostjan Cadez back in September 2006, the “game” is basically a free-form track editor. You draw a course for a sled rider to follow, press play, and then watch the little guy follow your “line” along its gravitational path. Sound fun? Try it out, play with it, then prepare to be amazed.

You can find countless Line Rider videos on YouTube, but no one yet compares to TechDawg (whose own site seems to be down right now). Take a look at “TD & Sons,” an impressive interpretation of Van Halen’s “Jump.”

Awesome! For more impressive insanity from TechDawg, check out the epic “Discarded” (but turn down the volume).

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