Webware 100 winner: Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7 is the latest version of the most popular Web browser on the planet.

      Internet Explorer is Microsoft's latest Web browser and the most dominant Internet browser on the market. In version 7, Microsoft has added tabs and extensions, letting users add additional features and functionality. It's also been given a face-lift that brings it a bit closer to the look and feel of Windows Vista.

      Internet Explorer 7 is also the first version of Explorer to handle RSS feeds, the popular Web content syndication standard.

      Internet Explorer comes as the default browser on all PCs that ship with the Windows operating system and has been the target of nearly all security exploitations because of its market saturation. Version 8, which is set for release later this year, is already drawing interest from many site creators for its promise of standards compliance.

      Winner: Internet Explorer 7 (Microsoft.com)
      Category: Browsing

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