Webware 100 winner: I Want Sandy

I Want Sandy keeps tabs on your to-dos.

      I Want Sandy is an automated e-mail assistant. You simply add "her" as an e-mail contact to get started. Sending Sandy an e-mail with a small message will have the system scan what you wrote and convert into an e-mail reminder or calendar appointment that will be sent back to you at whatever time you note. It also has been designed to work with the popular microblogging service Twitter, letting users remotely set reminders while away from their regular e-mail.

      I Want Sandy works for one person or with groups. There's no special sign-up, you just CC them and the service will alert everyone at once. You can also set up how you want to be notified, either on your regular work e-mail or on your phone. The service is free and works with a variety of calendaring tools, including Google Calendar.

      Winner: I Want Sandy (IWantSandy.com)
      Category: Productivity

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