Webware 100 winner: BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio lets anyone create their own radio show.

      BlogTalkRadio is an audio service that lets people broadcast their own Internet radio shows. Anyone can make a radio show using nothing more than a telephone and their browser and have it hosted for archiving and distributing on their blog or to friends. Hosts can even tape a show with other cohosts and get call-ins from listeners who can call a special phone number. Once the show is finished recording it's distributed as a podcast that users can subscribe to in their favorite podcatcher.

      The service is supported entirely by advertising. Audio advertisements are inserted, live, in the audio stream; the host gets a warning on his or her console before the ads play, so he or she is able to gracefully cut to the commercial. BlogTalkRadio will split ad revenues 50-50 with the podcast hosts.

      Winner: BlogTalkRadio (BlogTalkRadio.com)
      Category: Audio

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