WebOS 1.0.3 update available now for Palm Pre

Palm releases an update, webOS 1.03, for the Palm Pre, bringing feature improvements.


Hey Palm Pre owners, if you haven't heard by now, there's a little present waiting for you on your smartphone. Palm has pushed out an over-the-air update for your downloading pleasure that brings a number of feature enhancements to the Pre.

The company has posted a full feature list of WebOS 1.0.3 on its support site, but some highlights include:

  • Non-SSL Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) mail servers are now supported.
  • Events created in your Google calendar (either in Calendar on your phone or in Google online) that contain a symbol or accented character in the event name can now synchronize. Previously, including a symbol or accented character in an event name prevented the event from synchronizing.
  • If you create a weekday alarm on a weekend, the alarm sounds only on weekdays. Previously, the alarm would sound on the weekend also.
  • The sync interval for Google contacts has been decreased from every few hours to every 15 minutes.

Our Pre is in the middle of a video battery drain test right now, but we'll download WebOS 1.0.3 as soon as it's done and update our review. In the meantime, let us know how the update is working out for you.

(Source: Precentral.net)

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