Web 2.0 Expo wrap-up video

Rafe and Josh pick out the most interesting new products and services from the Web 2.0 Expo.

The Web 2.0 orgy known as Web 2.0 Expo being finally over, Josh and I thought it'd be good to pick out the most interesting new products and services on display here.

You'll find two of our picks fairly obvious (watch the video to see them), but I bet a lot of people will be confused by our third pick, AirSet. This is a virtualization product. It's a complete cloud PC that you can pour calendar info, Web sites, wikis, blogs, etc., into. Who needs it? That's a good question, and the company's pitch, which claims that nearly everyone is aching for their own virtual PC in the cloud, really misses the mark. But the concept here is important, and AirSet is one of the first companies to try to deliver this type of service for non-geeks. The team still has a ton of work to do before this service has a chance at getting traction, but it's worth watching.

Best swag from the show was at the Instructables booth. Watch to see why.

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