Weather phone protects property

Detects environmental threats when you're not around


It's bad enough to be perennially paranoid about the status of one's home, scoping out all makes and numbers of cameras to keep an eye on your property while you're at the office. But anxiety levels rise exponentially when you're away for extended periods or have a vacation home to worry about. Cameras may be useful for limited surveillance but can't detect all the physical threats to your abode, such as those from the elements.

That's where the "Sensaphone 400" comes in, according to Gadgetizer, with sensors that monitor "water, wind, temperature, rain and freeze that will alert you by phone if it detects abnormal conditions." Plus, unlike its earlier version, this one will actually lets you control the thermostat remotely by phone.

It retails for $430, but you'd end up spending a lot more than that for a housesitter anyway. Besides, it can't steal the towels.

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