We don't heart this pillow

Fiber-optic fabric does not good design make


It occurs to us that the previous item may have left an erroneous impression. For the record, we wish to let it be known that not all LED products are actually useful . In fact, if Crave's posts are any indication, the superfluous may well outnumber the practical. (On second thought, Crave should never be used to judge reality in any form.)

In any event, this next example ranks right up there with the " Illuminated Handbag ." The "LumiHeart" cushion is made of fiber-optic fabric lighted by batteries stuffed inside, according to Gizmodiva. There's apparently a toggle switch somewhere in this ill-advised accent piece, if you're so inclined to turn it on and off, and it even comes in small and medium sizes. We can't imagine why it's not offered in large and XL too.

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