WD ships ultrabook-friendly Scorpio Blue hard drive

Western Digital announces the availability of the 7mm-thick WD Scorpio Blue hard drive, which is designed to fit in ultrabooks.

The new 7mm thick Scorpio Blue hard drive from Western Digital.
The new 7mm-thick Scorpio Blue hard drive from Western Digital. WD

When it comes to ultrabooks, you have to pick between a solid-state drive (SSD) or a hard drive as the main storage drive. The former is generally limited in terms of capacity, expensive but very fast, while the latter offers much more storage space for a much lower cost.

If you're willing to go with a hard drive, WD now offers another option.

The company announced today the availability of the new single-platter WD Scorpio Blue hard drive. The drive still uses the 2.5-inch standard but is just 7mm thick, as opposed to 9.5mm in regular laptop hard drives.

Despite the new ultrathin design, the new hard drive offers 500GB of storage space for the estimated price of around $100. It also comes in a 320GB version that costs around $80. For comparison, one of the first ultrabook-friendly SSDs on the market, the Intel 520 series, costs about $800 for 480GB.

The new Scorpio Blue hard drive comes with 8MB of cache memory and spins at 5,400rpm, which is slower than 7,200rpm, but standard for most laptop hard drives. WD says the drive offers low power consumption, runs cool and quiet, and is able to handle shock up to 400Gs.

It's available now.

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