WD 2TB My Passport review: The future is here

CNET editor Dong Ngo reviews the first 2.5-inch-based 2TB portable drive on the market, the WD My Passport Portable.


The WD My Passport, the first-ever 2TB portable drive WD introduced last week, turned out to be pretty impressive.

Despite the top capacity, the new My Passport drive remains very compact and portable.
Despite the top capacity, the new My Passport drive remains very compact and portable. Dong Ngo/CNET

Despite the fact that it offers the top capacity for 2.5-inch-based drives that use the current perpendicular recording technology, the drive is also compact and light. In fact, it's more compact than the My Passport Studio that offers just half of its storage space.

Originally, it was predicted that for 2.5-inch internal drives -- those housed inside portable drives like the new My Passport -- to reach 2TB, a new recording technology would be required. WD's My Passport is proof that that wasn't the case.

The new WD drive supports USB 3.0 (USB 2.0-compatible) and comes with just one standard USB cable that works for both data and power connections. In my testing, though it was not the fastest, the drive offered very fast performance.

The new WD My Passport also comes with useful software utilities for users to take advantage of its security features and use it as a backup drive.

For more on how the drive is totally worth its $250 price tag, check out the full review of the new WD My Passport Portable drive.

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