Wave a wand, make a meal

The Calphalon Electrics 3-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender is a convenient tool for prepping a variety of ingredients. The attachments include a chopper, a blending wand, and a whisk.

The line-up for easy prep.
The line-up for easy prep. Calphalon

It's easy to get carried away when preparing something to eat.

Often it starts with something simple like chopping an onion. Then--as long as you have it out and all--perhaps the prepped onion could be used for a side dish to go with the main course. Oh, and of course then there would be dessert to consider, it being a full meal and all; you can't have a proper meal without dessert. Then, before you know it, ingredients are strewn all about the kitchen.

The Calphalon Electrics 3-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender is a handheld device designed to make quick work of mountains of ingredients. Featuring an assortment of attachments that allow users to change gears on the fly, home chefs can tackle chopping, blending, and whisking duties without missing a beat.

Included in the set is a 20-ounce measuring cup, a whisk, an enclosed chopping container, and a blending wand. Aside from the measuring cup, all of the attachments affix to the included handheld motor and allow for easy mobility while prepping ingredients. The device is intended to be used directly in pots and pans, as the blending attachment comes with a removable nonstick guard. Luckily after all that cooking (and eating), the clean-up is a breeze--all the attachments are top-drawer dishwasher-safe.

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