Waterproof ipod shuffle !!!!

Swimman brings us the only waterproof ipod.

Swimman has created the only waterproof ipod. By using swimman's waterproof technology they have taken the new ipod shuffle and turned it to the ultimate all-environment accessory.

The shuffle is packaged in it's original packaging but swimman has added it's waterproofing technology and a set of waterproof headphones. This gives you the ability to take your music with you for an ocean swim or a few laps in the pool.

It is a neat idea but not exactly cheap, they take a basic shuffle for $79.00 add $100.00 for waterproofing and then add a waterproof headset for another $100.00. The price of having your tunes go anywhere with you is $279.00, but for those distance swimmers that is a small price to pay for some submerged motivation. Check it out at www.swimman.com

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