WaterMill turns air into water

Combination dehumidifier and water-purifier WaterMill creates up to 13 quarts of water a day.

Combination dehumidifier and water-purifier WaterMill creates up to 13 quarts of water a day. WaterMill

Summer has officially come to a close, yet it seems still to linger in the air. Baseball playoffs are just getting underway, BBQ parties are still going strong, and it's still hot out. It's downright humid, in fact. So hot and humid that a nice, cool glass of water sounds great right about now. If, like me, you're dreaming of water being not in the air, but in a glass, then WaterMill might be just what you're looking for.

WaterMill by Element Four is a combination dehumidifier and water purifier. I know that when I feel like I'm swimming through hot and sticky air, I wish I could have an army of dehumidifiers surrounding me. All the better if they make clean, drinkable water, too.

The WaterMill attaches to the outside of your home and is capable of producing 13 quarts of water per day. Water is absorbed through an air filter and then passes over a cooling element. The cooling process condenses the water into droplets, which are then filtered and sterilized via ultraviolet light. At this piont, the clean water can be routed into your home, to the fridge, a spigot, or even just a water cooler.

Since WaterMill is designed for outside use, I can't help but imagine stringing dozens of these things together. Imagine if every city block had these running at full force. Besides the obvious benefits of having clean water to drink, just think how comfortable it would be walking down the street during the height of summer --or even fall.

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