Watching brand-new movies at home

Google Instant is launched for Android and iPhone, a new browser plug-in prevents you from drunken social networking, and Time Warner wants to offer brand-new movies for $30 on $50 on demand.

Links from Friday's episode of Loaded:

  • Time Warner is toying with the idea of distributing brand-new movies on demand to watch at home for $30 to $50

  • Sharp is going to launch 3D phones

  • Google brings Google Instant search options to the iPhone and Android phones

  • The European Union wants to revamp privacy laws for social networks

  • Skype for Mac features group video chatting but no Facebook integration

  • Hulu Plus is now available without an invitation and is available on the PlayStation without a PlayStation Network subscription

  • A browser plug-in called the SocialMediaSobrietyTest tries to stop you from embarrassing yourself


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