Watch your ladies: Trap-door pool table brings sexy up

YouTube video of a pool table that disappears under your floor when not in use.


Here's one for all you weekend project addicts out there. You've probably already torn through dangerous books of all kinds and now you're thinking, "What's next?"

One option is to cut a huge hole into your floor and hide a pool table in it. Seriously. As you can see from the video, you won't be the first, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it just as much as the engineering genius (that's not sarcasm) who decided to build a hydraulic lift for his pool table and have it dramatically rise out of the floor while no one around you wonders what you're compensating for. OK, maybe that last part was sarcasm.

I can't imagine this being installed in anything but a very large home. So the thought that someone would install this to save space is probably off the mark. It's probably the compensating thing. Also, you probably won't want to have small children or pets around this thing, especially when it's recessing back into the floor.

Thanks to BallerHouse for sending this one in.

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