Watch this now: Daylight iPad snatch-and-grab

Check out this chilling video of an iPad robbery at a mid-Americas coffee shop in broad daylight.

Hold onto your iPads, boys and girls. Even in broad daylight:

To recap: A fellow is sitting outside at Espresso Royale, a two-story coffee house in Champaign, Ill. Two men walk out the door, one of whom snatches the gray-shirted fellow's iPad and legs it down the street. The other accused robber stands in front of the victim for a moment, flashing a weapon stashed in his waistband to chill things out a bit. A moment later, he calmly walks away as if nothing ever happened.

Ironically enough, the theft happened at a java joint that bills itself as "a definite 'grab 'n go' coffee shop."

A chilling happening? Sure. But you could argue that this unfortunate fellow got off easily. For instance, he still has both pinkie fingers . And to the best of our knowledge, the robber didn't inflict the additional indignity of stuffing the stolen iPad down his pants .

The official police report has further visual details on those responsible for the crime. The Champaign County police are asking the community for tips (including anonymous messages) by calling 217-373-TIPS or online at the official county Crimestoppers Web site.

(Via Reddit)

Clarification 3:24 p.m. PT, October 17: This story has been altered from the previous version to address some matters of tone introduced during the editing process.


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