Watch a crazy pilot take off from runway of mud

In a scene from a small Russian airport, a propeller plane attempts to take off from what doesn't even seem like a runway. How did the pilot manage it?

Are you sure? Adancase31893/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In Russia, they probably call this normal.

But see how you feel when you look at this footage of a plane taking off from what seems like an infernal bog.

Imagine if you were a passenger in this thing that seems to be trying to emerge from filthy Jell-O.

Is the pilot auditioning for a Jeep commercial?

This footage, posted yesterday to YouTube and spotted first by Jalopnik, seems to offer the ultimate in man attempting to make a machine do what even the machine doesn't really want to do.

As it shudders through the detritus of, who knows, a warm Russian fall, you wonder that the plane doesn't split apart.

And yet, despite all the muck and mud and rattles, somehow the pilot gets this rickety thing airborne.

The YouTube poster declares that this was an airport (perhaps) in a "small Russian town."

To me, it seems like the sort of small Russian town that would be wonderful to drive to.

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