Warm digits for digital happiness

Gloves have built-in stylus grasps

Like many bloggers, some of our fellow Cravers are occasionally a tad more anxious than we prefer in sharing their personal issues. One such unnamed acquaintance ( Caroline McCarthy ) recently complained of poor circulation in her extremities, particularly the fingertips--a wicked chill that apparently is well beyond the capacity of over-the-counter devices like heated mice .

So after embarking on an exhaustive search, we came across a potential solution: the "iTWYF" gloves, which stands for "I Touch With Your Fingers," of course. Gearfuse says the secret to these $45 gloves are three "stylus pen point-like grasps" that are sensitive enough to use on touch screens, trackpads and other surfaces that require digital dexterity.

So no more excuses, Caroline. Please get back to work.



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