'Warcraft'-themed restaurant: Nerdy, but not nearly nerdy enough

CCTV is reporting that a man in Beijing has opened a World of Warcraft-themed restaurant.

I don't mind admitting that I cringe every time I look at this picture. CCTV

When I first heard about this story, it was the picture on the right that caused my disappointment. But we'll get to that later.

CCTV is reporting that a man in Beijing has opened a World of Warcraft-themed restaurant. From the video, it seems as if he's gone through some painstaking effort to make it as WoW-themed as possible.

The double-door entrance looks to have the Dark Portal mapped onto it. There's various artwork from the game all along the walls and large screens show off the game in real time.

All of it's very appropriate to the theme so far, but then there's the aforementioned picture above. I'm such a friggin' WoW geek, that I could not help but be disappointed in that suit of armor in the pictures. Anyone who has played this game will know that there is no armor that looks anything remotely like what's in those pictures. It's so different from the style of the art in the actual game that I wonder just how much of a fan this guy really is.

I know, many of you probably read that last paragraph in the Comic Book Guy's voice or least in the voice of CNET's No. 1-ranked nerd Jeff Sparkman , but if you know the game and appreciate the art in it, this will stand out to you.

According to the video, there are a few dishes named after denizens of WoW lore. Hmmm, even though it's China, I would hope there is at least some approximation of Redridge Goulash in there. Hopefully, without the spider meat.


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