Want a weather report? Watch this music video

In a creative spin on the music video, the background in singer Lissie Maurus' new offering changes according to the local weather.

Lissie Maurus sunny video
Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

If you watch the music video for singer Lissie Maurus' new song "Cuckoo" today, you might see the musicians against a nice sunny backdrop. Or a gray, windy one. It depends where you're watching it from.

The video changes according to live weather conditions. Viewers zoom in on a city or area on an interactive Google world map, and the video backdrop changes according to current local conditions. Pick a different location and the song continues while a humorously mustachioed, bow-tie-wearing TV weatherman kind of guy delivers a new forecast before the video shifts to reflect the new locale.

The American folk rock singer and her band shot the "Cuckoo" video against five different backgrounds to cover all their weather bases. The song comes from Maurus' full-length debut album "Catching a Tiger," which was released in June.

Happily, watching the video from San Francisco today reinforces this week's rare gift of summer sun, which will probably disappear from the video--and our fog-drenched lives here--by the weekend.

Weatherman from Lissie Maurus video
This is the weatherman guy who appears when viewers switch the location on the video's interactive world map. Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

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