Wampa shoes perfect for wannabe Skywalkers

Need some new kicks? Check out these Wampa-inspired shoes from Adidas Originals. Now you can walk around with the swagger of a carnivorous predatory reptomammal.

Now you can walk around with the swagger of a carnivorous predatory reptomammal. Adidas

Unable to visit the ice world of Hoth in the Outer Rim Territories? Check out these Wampa-inspired shoes by Adidas Originals.

Wampa: "That's it, I'm calling PETA!" Lucasfilm

During the first few scenes of "The Empire Strikes Back," Luke Skywalker checks out an asteroid, but gets more than he bargains for after an 8-foot-tall Wampa slaps him across the face.

After gaining consciousness in the ice creature's lair, Luke uses the Force to regain his lost lightsaber and pulls a Ponda Baba on the Wampa's arm. Now you can sport some fresh kicks representing the albino monster, which will surely be a hit with the ladies.

Adidas describes the shoes--officially known as Campus 80s Wampa--as made with horsehair, with contrast red stitching, a Wampa tongue badge, and a laser cut Wampa logo. So fly.

The shoes aren't on sale yet on the official Adidas Originals Web site, but they should appear there soon. Other notable pieces in the Adidas Star Wars Fall/Winter 2011 collection include the Hoth shoes, Forum Low RS AT-AT shoes, and other hideous but incredible items.

(Via Sneaker Freaker and My Wampa)

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