'Wall-E' for sale now, as MP3 player

Lates Disney/Pixar creation shows up at retailer before official debut.

Sharper Image

Bot-fans are anticipating the debut of Disney's "Wall-E" toys at the next Maker Faire, but you can get a jump on at least one gadget related to the latest Pixar epic right now.

An animated MP3 player that takes the form of the robot--whose name stands for "Waste Allocation Load Lifter, Earth Class"--is available for order from the Sharper Image. (Maybe it hasn't gotten much notice because of the chain's uncertain future .)

It's not the $190 "Ultimate Wall-E" full robot, but the 8-inch-tall "iDance Wall-E" does claim to talk and dance to the music while its eyes light up. Plugging into an iPod or other MP3 player, it sounds like another version of the " i-Dog ," " i-Cy ," and i-Everything Else. And at $25, maybe you can save some money and fool your kid into thinking it's the big Wall-E--for a couple of minutes, anyway.


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