Wal-Mart and Tracfone to release Samsung Galaxy Precedent

The Samsung Galaxy Precedent looks to bring Android to the masses thanks to a $150 no-contract price and a $45 unlimited nationwide plan.

The Samsung Galaxy Precedent should make a great smartphone for noncommittal types. Engadget

Wal-Mart and its TracFone-powered mobile virtual network operator, StraightTalk, are getting ready to bring an affordable Android to the masses.

Last week, Wal-Mart's Web Site began taking reservations for the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, a low-cost barrier into Android's potential. Expected to run $149.88 without a contract, it becomes even more appealing when paired with StraightTalk's $45 unlimited voice, text, and data plan.

Specifications for the Galaxy Precedent are admirable considering the price point. They include Android 2.2 Froyo, an 800MHz processor, 384MB RAM, a 3.2-inch display, and a 2-megapixel camera. Toss in the Android Market and support for Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth and one might expect to see quite a few of these on the streets.

Exact launch date and details have not been formally announced, but a video found on Dailymotion indicates the $150 price point should stand. What's more, the Galaxy Precedent will include an external removable microSD card and support for Adobe Flash and Swype.

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