Waffler makes finger food

The Smart Planet MWM-1 Rotating Mini Waffle Maker makes a batch of waffles quickly.

When miniaturized, you can eat waffles any time.
When miniaturized, you can eat waffles any time. Smart Planet

Waffles, being part of a healthy breakfast--depending what you serve them with--have a welcome spot at the dining table. Delicious and sometimes nutritious, the fun food can be prepared in many ways. When hot off the waffle grill, they make excellent platforms for everything from fresh fruit to powdered sugar. They can even be used in more savory applications. The versatile circles of deliciousness not only have endless possibilities in flavor, but they can also be made into finger food.

The concept of snacking on waffles one after the other no longer has to be a fleeting dream. The Smart Planet MWM-1 Rotating Mini Waffle Maker takes the familiar waffle and miniaturizes it. The smaller size of the end product not only allows for convenient snacking action, but it also means fast results. A batch of five "perfect waffles" can be ready in as little as 3 minutes.

Unfortunately, like a dream, this particular appliance doesn't appear to yet exist in the real world. Sign up on the Web site to be notified of its grand entrance onto the physical plane. Until that time, try to make do with the waffles you already know.

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