Wacom Graphire gets new nom de plume: Bamboo

Updated versions of Wacom's consumer pen tablets get rebranded and redesigned

Bamboo Fun
Bamboo Fun Wacom Technology

In technology circles, hitting the quarter-century mark makes you positively ancient. That may be the impetus behind Wacom's decision to update its logo at the same time as it jettisons the Graphire brand for consumer pen tablets, redesigning and rechristening them with the trendier moniker "Bamboo."

Two models launch the series. The Bamboo Fun--doesn't it cry out for an exclamation point?--targets the popular growth segment of project-oriented imaging enthusiasts largely defined by scrapbookers. It comes in two sizes and four colors--black, white, silver, and an electric blue--and features big, friendly looking programmable buttons and a touch ring for zooming and scrolling. The Fun comes with the typical Wacom bundle of imaging apps: Adobe Photoshop Elements 5/4 (PC/Mac), Nik Color Efex Pro 2 filters, and Corel Painter Essentials 3.

Wacom Bamboo
Wacom Bamboo Wacom Technology

Wacom's biz-oriented Bamboo lacks the Fun in more ways than one. It's targeted at users who want to take advantage of the enhanced ink capabilities in Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 for tasks like digital signatures, annotation and markup. The Fun-less Bamboo comes in one size (small), one color (basic black) and sans bundled apps.

Both tablets are slated to ship this month. The Bamboo Fun will cost $99.99 (small) and $199.99 (medium), while the Bamboo will run $79.99.

Bamboo. It's not just for Pandas anymore.

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