VW tries to out-Vader its last Super Bowl ad

In its follow-up to the boy dressed as Darth Vader, VW this year features a dog trying to lose weight and a bar frequented by Vader himself. It is all a little odd.

As Bruce Willis can attest, sequels are never easy. Often, they come on the back of unexpected success. The creators are unprepared.

Sympathy is, therefore, deserving to those at VW who had to follow up last year's Super Bowl ad in which a little boy dressed like Darth Vader wanted to force everyday objects to accede to his will.

However, this year's VW follow-up might disappoint some. Here we have a dog trying to lose weight so he can chase a shiny red VW Beetle. Yes, VW already offered a teaser featuring dogs barking the Star Wars Imperial March, so what can possibly happen next?

Well, the spot ends. And then it doesn't.

Suddenly we are in a bar, full of intergalactic beings. Are they Star Wars fans? No, they're, you know, weird people with twisted, split noses, furry faces, and voices from a distant sewage system.

They're debating whether the dog is better than last year's Vader kid. Yes, they watch the Super Bowl out there, too.

When the man with the bulbous, split nose declares that the dog is most definitely funnier than the Vader kid, he experiences sudden partial asphyxia.

Why might this be? Surely you might guess. Yes, it's Vader power.

As often happens when one thinks about something for more than 30 seconds, I found myself wondering whether this Vader symbolizes the boy, all grown-up, wandering around bars in order to eke his newfound power out on unsuspecting drunkards.

I wonder what those gorging on tortilla chips, guacamole, and sliders will be thinking on Sunday.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET



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