VW to build midsize sedan in Tennessee

Volkswagen releases a sketch of a car designed specifically for the U.S. market.

VW concept sketch
This sketch shows a sedan, to be built in Tennessee, that Volkswagen designed specifically for North America. Volkswagen

Volkswagen released a sketch on Wednesday of a car designed for the North American market and that will be produced by its new plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, opening in 2011. In typical concept fashion, the sketch shows a car with oversized wheels that would surely be reduced for a production vehicle. The hood is low and the roof nicely curved, similar to other European sedans, but the rear rises up in a brawny, distinctly American style.

Volkswagen's announcement of a new midsize sedan baffles us, though, as the company already offers a sporty, economical, and comfortable sedan--namely, the new CC .

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