Vulcan slashes price of FlipStart

Vulcan lowers the price of its FlipStart UMPC to $699.

Do you like me more for $699? CNET Networks Inc.

At its starting price of $1,999, the Vulcan FlipStart was egregiously overpriced when we reviewed it last spring. A $500 price cut last fall failed to impress , so yesterday Paul Allen and company lopped more than half off the price, lowering it to $699.

Tell me, are you more likely to consider a UMPC (FlipStart or otherwise) for $699 or do you feel that still too much to pay?

Coincidentally, I'll be posting a full review of the Wibrain B1 later today (covered previously on Crave here and here ), which is the cheapest UMPC I've seen--priced at, you guessed it, $699. The review will be live later today here .



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