Volkswagen's 'Temporary Auto Pilot' will drive your car up to 80 mph

New Volkswagen technology, Temporary Auto Pilot (TAP), will "drive" your car up to 80 mph.


The dangers of drowsy or distracted drivers may be a thing of the past. Volkswagen engineers say they have developed an autopilot for your car.

Dr. Jurgen Leohold, Executive Director Volkswagen Group Research on Friday introduced the "Temporary Auto Pilot" (TAP) by Volkswagen at the EU research project HAVEit (Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport).

With TAP, the car can drive semiautomatically up to a speed of 80 miles per hour, under the driver's supervision.

"[TAP is] An important milestone on the path towards fully automatic and accident-free driving," Leohold said.

TAP relies on cameras and ultrasonic-based sensors that utilize a laser scanner and an electronic horizon. TAP combines adaptive cruise control and the Lane Assist lane-keeping system into one function.

TAP keeps the vehicle at a safe distance behind over drivers and can reduce speed before a bend in the road or to prevent a collision.

"One conceivable scenario for its initial use might be in monotonous driving situations, e.g., in traffic jams or over sections of a driving route that are exceedingly speed-limited," Leohold said.

Even with TAP, drivers must keep their eyes on the road, so no heading to the back of the RV to make a sandwich, or crawling into the back seat to watch a movie with the kids--just yet.



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