Volkswagen to do body shells for Porsche Panamera

Porsche offers more details to shareholders, while more photos pop up on blogs.

Porsche is planning to partner with Volkswagen on the Panamera, according to a company update to shareholders, saying that the painted body shells for the four-door coupe will be supplied by the Volkswagen Hannover factory.

The engines will be supplied by Porsche's famous Zuffenhausen plant.

Porsche Panamera concept drawing
Porsche Panamera concept drawing Porsche

The Panamera is the new addition to Porsche's lineup through which the company hopes to "broaden its customer basis further and step up market penetration in order to safeguard long-term growth," according to a statement.

In other words (mine), Porsche hopes to snag more market share from the aging yuppies with car seat issues who probably still consider themselves hipsters.

But at what cost to the brand, I ask you?

The Panamera is scheduled for large-scale production from the company's Leipzig plant for the 2009 market. Porsche said in a statement that it's ramping up its Leipzig plant with a new production facility to the tune of about $206 million and 600 new jobs.

Meanwhile, AutoWeek has done it again, snagging some great spy pictures of the not-so-great Porsche Panamera 2010 in the works.

Admittedly, the actual Panamera (concept shown here) does look better than the Porsche 928 GT it's based upon, but still...a Porsche sedan? I'm just not feeling it.

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