Vodafone teaser site an iPhone 5 clue?

A new teaser site on Vodafone suggests the carrier could be getting Apple's next iPhone. The company already carries the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

Is Vodafone talking about Apple's next iPhone, or something else?
Is Vodafone talking about Apple's next iPhone, or something else? CNET

London-based Vodafone has put up a new teaser site in the Australia region allowing for users to register to get information about "this year's biggest smartphone release," which the carrier says is "coming soon to Vodafone."

BGR, which picked up on the site this morning, suggests it's a tease for Apple's next iPhone, which a recent report suggested is being unveiled next week.

Vodafone began carrying Apple's iPhone in 10 countries beginning in early 2008. That deal marked the first time Apple began selling its smartphone through two different operators in the same market. Vodafone currently stocks both colors of Apple's iPhone 4, and carries the iPad 2 as well.

Earlier this month Vodafone briefly listed the "iPhone 5" in product pages that were taken down just hours after being discovered. The company later told tech news site TechRadar it was "looking into" how the listings appeared on the site, while declining to comment on why they were there in the first place.

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