Virtual PC and Windows ME Setup

Virtual PC and Windows ME Setup

Following up on our coverage yesterday of about installing Windows ME inside Virtual PC, Mike Marco noted several additional problems. He writes: "Windows ME Setup ran successfully with Virtual PC. (the /nm switch option worked as advertised), and setup ran fine (with the exception of a couple Blue Screens of Death after the first VPC restart. But encountered a couple new issues: Windows ME Setup overwrote the VPC video drivers with its own copies, thereby limiting 32-bit color mode to 640x480 and causing all sorts of other havoc. Reinstalling the VPC additions (found in the Extras folder in the Virtual PC 3.0 folder) fixes this problem. As far as I can tell, using the old video drivers doesn't cause any problems with ME. Shared folders are functionally fine, but cosmetically, it's a different story. The icons now look like those of disconnected network drives (hard drives with cables dangling from the bottom, and a red "X" through the cables), and the labels read "Network Disk" instead of the name of the shared folder on the Mac side. Unlike the first problem, reinstalling VPC additions won't help. I've emailed Connectix tech support about the issue, but I have yet to get a reply. I'll keep you posted. Otherwise, ME seems to be acting fine. As fine as Windows acts, anyway.


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