Virtual PC 7.0.2 (#3): Kernel panics

Virtual PC 7.0.2 (#3): Kernel panics

Kernel panics Users continue to report severe kernel panic issues with Virtual PC 7.0.2. MacFixIt reader Mike Stimpson has one of the more detailed accounts:

"I problems running 7.0.1 on Tiger, other than the annoying, but mostly trivial error about 'Virtual Switch' being disabled at launch. Since upgrading to 7.0.2, however, I can only run Virtual PC for about 15-20 minutes maximum without experiencing a system-wide kernel panic. On three separate occasions, the kernel panic was severe enough to require a complete reinstall of the Windows XP software (Virtual PC itself did not require a reinstall, although I've tried that too).

"Many other users have experienced similar problems, as are documented on numerous Mac Support websites, as well as the poor reviews this version has received on your sister site, Version Tracker. Despite many complaints that have surfaced ever since the version's June release, Microsoft continues to advise its Mac users to upgrade to this highly unstable version, making no mention of users' common kernel panic experiences.

"The only update that can be downloaded from Mactopia currently is 7.0.2; however, I did manage to locate 7.0.1 on a mirror site and downloaded it. I then attempted a reinstall of 7.0.1 over the top of 7.0.2. The install appeared to have worked fine, but when I relaunched VPC, the version still said '7.0.2'."

As previously noted, this problem may be resolved by creating a new emulated PC with Virtual PC using the same disk image as before so that data is retained.

If you are experiencing seemingly inexorable kernel panics with Virtual PC 7.0.2, please let us know.

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