Virtual Goods Summit on October 10th 2008. Come say 'hi'.

Virtual goods are the new "pet rocks." Come learn how you can make money at the Virtual Goods Summit in San Francisco.

Virtual Goods Summit 2008
Virtual Goods Summit 2008 Virtual Goods Summit
The Virtual Goods Summit is coming to San Francisco on October 10th and the kind folks there have provided my faithful blog readers with a discount code for the event.

Considering the mess the real economy is in, the virtual goods economy is a welcome distraction.

Here is a link to the agenda and the registration page. Use discount code ROSENBERG for 10% off of the ticket price.

I'll be there grilling people on how they make money from items that only exist ethereally and then determine if I can create a sub-market of "ghost goods" which may/may not actually exist. I don't really care as long as I get paid for them.

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