Virgin Mobile unveils $40 unlimited mobile broadband plan

This new plan replaces three previous Broadband2Go 30-day pricing plans--$60 for 5GB, $40 for 1GB, and $20 for 300MB--with a new $40 plan for unlimited data.

Virgin Mobile leaked a teaser on its Facebook page indicating that it will roll out a $40 unlimited monthly prepaid plan, so we called to confirm. Indeed, spokeswoman Corinne Nosal confirmed with us that the company will announce this plan Tuesday. This new unlimited data plan replaces three previous Broadband2Go 30-day pricing plans--$60 for 5GB, $40 for 1GB, and $20 for 300MB.

This is currently one of the best mobile broadband deals we know of. Verizon's mobile broadband plan is $60 for 5GB; Sprint's is $60 for 5GB (3G only) and $60 for unlimited if you're on 4G; AT&T charges $35 for 200MB and $60 for 5GB with its DataConnect plans; and T-Mobile comes the closest with $25 for 200MB and $40 for 5GB with its webConnect plans.

Aside from the $40 unlimited plan, Virgin Mobile is still keeping its $10 for 100MB/10 days plan for infrequent users. Existing customers who are paying the $60, $40, and $20 plans can continue to use the service until their allotted time or data is up, at which point they'll be prompted to choose one of the two plans.

Right now, the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go plan is available with two devices: an Ovation MC760 USB device that connects to a computer, and a Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 hot spot that allows up to five users to connect via Wi-Fi. The Ovation costs $79.99 retail, and the MiFi is $149.99 retail.

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