Virex 7.5.x: More tips on deleting, problems with Mac Assistant

Virex 7.5.x: More tips on deleting, problems with Mac Assistant

Yesterday we noted a process for uninstalling Virex 7.5.x, which can cause a variety of problems including disruption of Mac OS X's fax functionality and overall system slow-downs.

As noted by reader Sébastien Dreyfuss, in order to perform a complete manual uninstall, you will need to delete the "vscanx" folder located at /usr/local/vscanx.

In order to delete this directory, you will need to use Finder's "Go" command to access the following directory: private/etc/local/. Delete the enclosed folder named "vscanx"

The far easier solution, however is to simply use the Virex uninstall command offered by Network Associates, as discovered by Apple Discussions poster Brian Cowe.

An uninstaller is also included in the original Virex installation package.

Also, yesterday we noted that if problems caused by Virex are too severe, you may need to boot into Safe mode (hold the "Shift" key at startup) in order to delete the application. However, as noted by a MacFixIt reader, if you kill the process "VShield (...) you will be able to uninstall the software without booting into Safe mode.

You can kill this process using the "Activity Viewer" application located in the Applications/Utilities directory.

Problems with Mac Assistant One MacFixIt reader notes a conflict between Virex 7.5 and the Mac Assistant application.

He writes:

"Virex has also a problem with the Mac Assistant application. It will freeze once the transfer ends. The same thing occurs when you have a pre-configured software image that includes Mac OS X and Virex. The Setup Assistant will freeze just after you decide if you want to transfer data from an old Mac. If you uninstall Virex, these problems disappear."


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