View the story of the Volvo C30 Electric

Development of new technology for the Volvo C30 Electric has been documented in a 10-part YouTube video series.


The Volvo C30 Electric is already out on the roads in Europe, but this week the Swedish automaker released 10 video clips documenting the development of new technology for the C30.

According to Volvo, the C30 Electric had a short development time, and the process involved about 100 research and development specialists.

Click on the links below to view videos two through 10, to learn more about testing, safety, engineering and other aspects of the C30's development.

The films include "A Milestone in the Automotive Industry" (below), "Battery System," "Electrical Architecture and Electrical Safety," "Electric Motor and Power Electronics," "Software Development," "Climate Systems," "Safety," "Testing," "Fleet Management System," and "Research Program."

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